Holy Guacamole! Mexican food is delicious!

Holy Guacamole! Mexican food is delicious!

Mexican cuisine is one of the most sought after and popular cuisines in the world. From the tasty tacos to the fabulous fajitas, everyone enjoys a bit of the spicy and tangy Mexican delicacies on their plates. However, like any other cuisine, Mexican cuisine also has its own set of flavors, spices and cooking methods and these specific elements give the food its unique characteristic. So if you are a foodie but a novice regarding the Mexican menus, then you can take a look here as we have some awesome tips on how to cook the best foods from Mexico and we also tell you a lot about the cuisine. Read on to know more.

Basics of Mexican food

Whether you have it at a café or at home, you always find a unique characteristic in the foods of Mexico. So what makes this cuisine so unique? Well, apart from the lip smacking recipes, the ingredients and spices play an important role as well. Let us first talk about the spices. Mexican food is very flavorsome and is far removed from uncomplicated, bland cooking! Whether you take a bite of a chile con carne or a mouthful of a shredded beef enchilada, you will instantly be hit with a whole array of flavors. This is because spices such as cumin and chile are generously used in the dishes. Along with these, we also find onions and garlic in almost all kinds of Mexican cooking. And last, but not the least, the tangy salsa is a steady companion of most of the foods, giving them an earthy and well-rounded flavor.

The main ingredients of Mexican food

Unless you have the right ingredients, you will find it very difficult to put up an authentic Mexican dish. So you need to get the chicken and the pork and you also need to get the corn and the chile. But have you ever wondered where the use of these ingredients originated from? Well, the natives used a lot of corn and chile in their cooking since these ingredients readily were found in the area. However, after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in the 16th century, a lot of Spanish influence started showing upon the foods of Mexico. The Spanish introduced meat and so a combination of the native and the European ingredients was born and that made the way for some of the most classic Mexican menus. Apart from the meats, corn and chile, beans, vegetables and cheese are now common in Mexican cooking.

Cooking methods

Grilling is common in Mexican cuisine. As a result, we see many of their delicacies being roasted on an open grill. Similarly, boiling and steaming are also frequently used cooking methods. Meats and vegetables are often boiled in a deep pot of water along with a host of spices. This is a cooking method that adds a lot of flavor to the foods of Mexico. So the next time you step into a café and order some of the most delicious Mexican foods, keep in mind the basics of this amazing cuisine. And if you want to give the items on the menu a try yourself, then go ahead and do it! We have a lot of cooking tips for a beginner. The delectable Mexican dishes are waiting to make a debut in your kitchen. So go ahead and try them out!